How Much Do Casino Dealers Make? 

When we open any casino’s doors, we enter the luxurious world of brilliant interiors, elegant people, and appealing tables. However, this is only the surface of the gambling business. The whole industry is based on people, in particular casino dealers. Their job allows thousands of people to experience the deepest excitement a person can experience. Is their work easy? Not at all. Is it valuable? Definitely, yes! This article talks about casino dealers’ salaries, pay plans, tips, and other interesting facts related to this profession. 

How is a dealer’s income formed? 

People who work in the gaming industry know that a significant part of their income is not the wage itself but also tips. So, when you see a job posting with a fixed salary, keep in mind additional payments as well. 

If we talk about base pay per hour, it usually varies from 9 to 30 US dollars. So, a dealer who has a 40-hour work week will get from 18,000 to 60,000 US dollars per year. This is actually a normal range for casinos in Las Vegas. 

The second important cash flow stream for casino dealers is receiving tips. We will discuss their size later in the article, but now, let’s dive deeper into the factors influencing the total income of dealers. 

Factors affecting the welfare of casino dealers 

The salary of a casino dealer can vary greatly. This is true both for the base pay and tips. What factors affect the amount of cash in the dealer’s pocket? Here are several points: 

  • The location of the casino. It is not a surprise that dealers in Las Vegas or other major gambling places make remarkably more money than their colleagues from more modest venues. It is explained by the number of players and the amount of tips. 
  • Type of the game. Dealers who work with popular games like blackjack or poker can earn more due to the constant flow of players. 
  • Experience. This factor upgrades the professional identity of a casino worker. If the dealer easily handles any difficult situation at the table and creates a sense of confidence and trust, they are likely to get more tips. 

The role of tips in a dealer’s income 

Tips are a big part of a dealer’s income. Sometimes, they can be even greater than the base salary. The average amount of extra money is from 15 to 50 US dollars per hour. On good days, it can be even higher. Unfortunately, it is an unpredictable cash flow, as the culture of tipping varies by casinos, games, and the dealer’s ability to maximize tips. 

The good news is that anyone can proactively affect the amount of extra cash they get from clients. To do so, dealers should focus on creating a friendly and entertaining atmosphere. This makes guests relaxed and encourages them to stay longer. In general, effective communication is a top skill that will help you to make more money as a dealer. 

Additional perks  

Salary and tips are not the only benefits that dealers get from a casino. There are several other financial and non-financial incentives: 

  • Retirement plan. Many reputable casinos offer their employees such a way of securing a financial future. 
  • Health Insurance. Casino employees can be confident that if any health issues occur, their employers will cover the expenses. 
  • Free meals. Dealers often get their meals for free, so they can save some part of their income. 

Obviously, all these perks can vary depending on the establishment. All the details and conditions must be negotiated before signing the contract. Still, a casino dealer is a specialist who is entitled to numerous benefits and extra incentives. 

What should you know to become a casino dealer? 

Every job has its specifics. To get a good income and generous benefits, you should first be familiar with the essence of a dealer’s work. This employee is responsible for the gaming process. Good dealer makes clients’ experiences smooth and enjoyable. They also ensure that fair play principles are followed and that there are no violations. In addition, dealers must maintain continuous contact with players and create friendly vibes over the table. 

Challenges dealers face 

A decent salary requires diligent work. To succeed in this profession, you should be ready for certain challenges. Here are some of them: 

  • Inconvenient schedule. Often, dealers have to work in night shift or at odd hours. The working day may fall on a weekend or even a holiday. However, all work and rest hours regulations are strictly followed. 
  • The need to stand for a long time. Surprisingly, this job can be physically demanding. However, this workload is not extensive, and almost any average person can deal with it. 
  • Emotional stress. Dealing with difficult clients can cause nervous tension. You need to have excellent communication skills and patience to stay calm even in the tough situations. 

This is not a huge list, but it should be considered when applying for a job. When you get more experience, the above-mentioned obstacles won’t seem as hard as at the beginning. Still, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and if you become a casino dealer, you can successfully make a lot of money. 

Required qualification 

Typically, you can become a casino dealer even without a college degree. And this is good news for young people who need a decent salary but don’t have an opportunity to study. Almost everyone can apply for training programs provided by casinos and get the necessary skills. These studies are not expensive and don’t take a lot of time. Eventually, income will cover all expenses. 

Bottom line 

In this article, we have put together different income streams of a casino dealer (base salary and tips), factors that influence total income, and additional perks that casino workers get. Working in a casino is definitely interesting and profitable. If you are a good communicator, you can make a lot of money. Sometimes, tips can be even more than the official salary. The great advantage of this job is that you can start earning without a college degree (usually). So, if you are looking for an opportunity to get hundreds of dollars per day, being a dealer is a good option for you.