How to Play Roulette at the Casino?

Roulette has drawn players’ attention for centuries, and the number of its enthusiasts continues to grow. Make your introduction to the game straightforward and pleasant by analyzing its fundamental principles and heeding several pro tips.

1. Start from the Basics

To freely navigate in the roulette sphere, it’s crucial to understand the critical gaming terms and principles. Let’s start with the following aspects:

  • Your purpose is to predict where the thrown ball lands after rotating the roulette wheel. You can guess the exact number, the group of numbers (like adjacent ones), red/black, or even/odd sectors. 
  • Stakes are made on the special roulette board equivalent to the set of sectors on the wheel. To place a wager, you should put chips on that board’s units that you expect will win. 
  • Bets that cover more expansive areas of numbers are easier to win. At the same time, they provide smaller coefficients. For instance, the successful bet on a single number pays 35:1. Bets on dozens (1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12) propose 2:1 only.

Bet chips frequently vary in color or size depending on the stake value. To improve your chances, you can place several wagers simultaneously. For instance, combine bets on red, the third dozen, and street wager (on three cells). 

2. Opt for a Suitable Roulette Version

All the roulette boards and wheels contain 36 numbers from 1 to 36. However, there are specific nuances about each particular game type:

  • European variant. This roulette version is considered classic and is the most widespread among gamblers. The wheel consists of 1 to 36 black/red numbers and one zero sector marked by green. RTP (chances of winning) in this version reaches 98.37%. 
  • French roulette. One of the most profitable roulette types impresses gamblers with an RTP of 98.65%. Usually, the main divisions from 1 to 36 are presented in white on the board. According to the La Partage rule, if the ball stops on zero, players get half the stakes on color, Odd/Even, or 1-18/19-36. Some high-stake variations come with additional Call or Verbal Bets linked to the arrangement of the numbers on the wheel, not on the playing field. 
  • American version. The most sophisticated roulette type comes with two zero cells: 0 and 00. Therefore, the winning probability reduces to 94.74%. The basic rules replicate the European version’s principles. The American roulette is preferred by pro gamblers, well-versed in game rules and strategies. 

There are also some exotic roulette versions in the online gambling area, such as no-zero ones, with an RTP reaching about 100%. Would you like to play live variations with genuine croupiers and maximize your income? Look for lightning (with additional multipliers) and speed (lasts up to 25 seconds) variations. 

3. Analyze Available Wagering Options

The most specific and profitable wagers include the following:

  • Stakes on one division;
  • Wagers on two adjacent numbers;
  • Predictions on three cells in a line;
  • Bets on four close numbers;
  • Six-line predictions. 

These wagers’ payouts in European roulette are 35x, 17x, 11x, 8x, and 5x, respectively. The alternative name for the above predictions is inside wagers. 

To mitigate the risks, gamblers can place more probable, outside (or general) bets. Dozens and columns payouts are 2x. The simplest stakes (even/odd, black/red, 1-18, and 19-36) bring 1:1 only. Experts recommend newbies pick general wagers first to catch roulette principles better. 

4. Place Your First Stake

The wagering process, especially online, looks incredibly clear:

  1. Determine your bet value. Online and offline roulette rooms/versions provide options for both high rollers and low-budget players.
  2. Place one or several chips in a specific place on the board. For instance, locate a chip on a particular square (for a single bet) or put it on the corner linking four numbers. 
  3. Wait for the outcome. When the thrown ball stops in the particular wheel’s division, you’ll find out whether your bet has been successful.

While gambling on RNG-based roulette, you can often utilize additional tools. A special bar at the top of the screen usually informs enthusiasts about hot numbers that appear more regular. For making the most out of gaming sessions, players can sometimes start a risk-game after every winning round. 

5. Listen to Pro Tips for Novice Enthusiasts 

To dig deeper into the roulette world and get maximum profits, heed the professional advice:

  1. Explore gaming basics in demo versions first. Even if you’re going to play roulette at brick-and-mortar houses or offline against fellows, don’t hesitate to practice without expenses. Free modes not only save you money but also assist in understanding all the gaming principles. In RNG-based roulette, you can’t take the wrong step; the system will always tell you what move you should make next. 
  2. Eliminate unnecessary risk. The probability of successful straight betting is relatively low, so favor placing more safe bets. In the early stages of your roulette adventures, experiment with general bets. Don’t get attached to red/black or odd/even only; pick dozens and columns to gradually step up the budget.
  3. Avoid the temptation to utilize dubious strategies. With the Martingale system, you can quickly waste the whole bankroll. The Fibonacci approach requires you to carry out complex mathematical calculations and does not guarantee positive results. Rely on intuition and remember that each outcome depends on luck only.

Before making your first pick, investigate the roulette table and a help section if you play online. Sort out various bet types and their multipliers. Stick to smaller wagers to entertain longer and squeeze out the maximum from your gambling session. Most importantly, cope with potential money losses as they are inherent elements of the gaming process. Initially, set your budget limits and don’t go beyond them. Gamble responsibly, take regular breaks, and you won’t notice when your roulette skills boost!